Wedding Coordinator

Journeys Consultants have personal experience, professional training, and on-site relationships around the world, making us the ideal partner to help plan, coordinate, and execute your dream destination wedding.

We are expert wedding planners for destination weddings, beach weddings, South Asian weddings and LGBTQ weddings.

We’ll work with you to plan your dream wedding: any location, any size, any budget.  We will help you with not only the travel planning for yourself and your guests but also the wedding planning and working with the onsite planners or coordinators.  We also offer on-site coordination for the week of or day of your wedding so you don’t have Any Details left undone.  

We take care of it all 

Location selection

We match your requests with the perfect locations.

Travel arrangements

We handle all of the travel needs for you and your guests.

vendor management

We work with a variety of venues for all sizes of events.

No Distance Is too Far

No budget is too little. 

No matter what your vision is, we’ll work with your wishes and realities to make your wedding day your dream come true.

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