The Journeys Story

Journey Down the Aisle was born from years of working with romance travel clients at Journeys Travel Inc.   Jeni saw the frustration and anxiety many couples were experiencing not getting answers, getting the wrong answers and listening to many opinions from others.

Jeni is the planner, aunt, sister, friend, confidant that you may need thru the process.  Often friendships are tested, family has opinions or doesn’t understand and Jeni is your sounding board.

Journeys Down the Aisle offers

For Destination Weddings She handles all of the questions, tracking down information and payments and travel plans for your guests.  She is your Go-To for any questions about the resort, wedding packages, photography/videography vendors, decor, etc.   There are a lot of moving pieces in planning a wedding and Jeni keeps you on track.

For HoneymoonsJeni will get to know you and what you envision for your trip.  Often this is the first International trip a couple has taken together.  This combined with the exhaustion that comes after a wedding could make for a stressful time.  Jeni makes sure everything is taken care of, you know exactly what will happen AND you both have the type of resort that you want for the first days of wedded bliss.

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