Times have changed and so are the ways of holding wedding ceremonies. Through the years we witnessed couples go from preparing traditional grandiose church weddings, to opting for a more practical simple civil wedding.  This is because people’s needs, considerations, and priorities are evolving, depending on the situation they are in when they start hearing the wedding bells. With this, event suppliers and professionals also become more creative and innovative as to the products and services they offer. In post-pandemic 2023, many couples still consider holding a destination wedding to make their big day more memorable, not only for themselves, but also for their guests.  If you are one of them, then here are some wedding trends to take note of. 


Want to avoid the stress and expense of a traditional wedding? Consider eloping instead! You can plan the exact ceremony you want on your own schedule. And, you can use the money you’re saving to pick the “bucket list” destination of your dreams!


More couples are giving their destination wedding guests the option of extending the trips and turning them into true weeklong vacations. Since the guests may be investing in flights and taking off a few days from work anyway, why not work with us to give them options for excursions, activities, and extra nights to enjoy the whole week away?


Sometimes, the destination wedding ceremonies at resorts or on ships may seem “cookie cutter” – the exact same arrangements, in the same locations, done the same way for couples all the time. We can help you shake things up by taking your ceremony “off site” – picking a venue away from the resort or ship (e.g., an amazing beach, a mountaintop overlook, a historic building) with completely customized plans to fit your exact wishes!


Destination wedding guests are coming for the ceremony of course – but, what else will they do before and afterwards? We’ll share lots of options with you for excursions, activities, and fun things they can fill the schedule with – from golf rounds and spa treatments to sightseeing, shopping, and unique food and drink experiences!


Coming out of the worst of COVID-19, so many popular resorts (and ships) operating in Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii and the South Pacific, and other regions have filled their destination wedding calendars already for 2023 and even the first half of 2024! Traditionally, we’ve recommended that our couples begin the planning process 12 months in advance – but, nowadays, you’ll see more options for your destination wedding if you can begin even earlier. (But, no worries if you’re closer than 12 months to your desired wedding date – we can always work our magic to put things together for you!)


In 2023, it is very possible to have a unique, more practical, and trendy destination wedding. And believe it or not, hiring destination wedding specialists can save you more money and time, than doing it all on your own.  Feel free to let us know your needs, your working budget, and preferences, and we’ll gladly arrange your special day for you. 

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