Ever pictured yourself walking down the aisle at a different country but then you have to shrug the thought of it because you think it’ll cost you and your partner a lot of money? Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s highly possible to have a destination wedding while still saving some money for the family and the future that you’re trying to build. Though of course, this is easier said than done. There are specific things you have to do to make your very own budget-friendly destination wedding come true.

For couples, marriage is not the end but a beginning of a more meaningful journey together. Having said that, tying the knot does not need to cost much. It pays to be practical considering that you’ll still have to think about building a future together with your partner. However, this does not mean that you can’t have that  memorable destination wedding. While sticking to planning a local wedding may save you money, let’s not completely rule out the possibility of a budget-friendly destination wedding. If your dream of a perfect wedding involves exchanging vows in a tropical rain forest or during a beachfront ceremony, then these tips might just come in handy for you:

1: Don’t be afraid to draw a line

Knowing how much you’re willing to spend ahead of time is an excellent way to keep you on budget. That means setting a firm dollar amount and drawing a line that you don’t cross. Determining the costs you’re willing to cover means deciding if you’re going to support your close family’s travel costs. Suppose you decide to do this; you must figure out other parts of the wedding to save money.

2: The smaller, the better

It’s simple for couples to get carried away when they start writing a guest list. However, the key to staying on budget when planning a destination wedding is keeping guest lists short. Think about the people with whom you want to share the most important day of your life, and build your guest list from there. It’s a gamble to include everyone you know on your guest list, so choose your guests wisely. For example, if everyone you invite shows up, that can quickly inflate your budget.

3: Research when and where your destination should occur

Prices fluctuate throughout the season, so timing is everything when trying to stay on budget. Choose low-key destinations that are outside of their peak season. Look at the weather conditions during these seasons to determine which destination is ideal. For example, not everyone wants to travel to the Caribbean during hurricane season!

4: Look for cash-back and rewards opportunities

Overlooking the way you pay for your destination wedding could leave money on the table. Consider opening a rewards credit card that allows you to earn points for each of your purchases. If you’re concerned about credit card debt, look at a reward checking account whereby you can earn cash-back each time you use it to pay for your wedding’s expenses. It’s also easier to plan a budget for your destination wedding if you start in advance by saving up as much as possible for your big day.

  1. Ask for the services of a Wedding destination Specialist

A wedding specialist who is more familiar with your wedding destination in mind will definitely try to give you the value of every penny you spend.  He or she also has connections to good suppliers whom they have worked with beforehand, taking into consideration your budget. Not to mention that their presence will just relieve you of the pre-wedding stress and coordination.

Destination weddings are meant to be enjoyed and this can come true if you leave the minute details into the hands of trusted professionals. Focus on being happy as you journey down the aisle, enjoy the moment, and we’ll keep the preparations simple for you. Consult with our destination wedding specialists to get help in planning your very own budget-friendly destination wedding.


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